Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Bad Ass Baking Bitch, my life as a stay-at-home mom

As most as you have probably read, I quit my job recently. It was not an easy decision for me. I worked at the same place for six years, made numerous friends who got to see my son Philip grow up (hell, some of them have pictures of him at their workstation) and I changed a lot there myself.

Whether you quit or get fired from a job, it often feels like a breakup. I know it sounds weird, I mean for me personally, I didn't really have an emotional attachment to my job or anything but I was there for a while.It feels weird, as if something is missing. I don't think I really miss my old job itself but I miss my friends and the routine. I always had a job and being at home all the time like this is...odd. I think it will take some time for me to get used to the new routine.

The time home has been doing me good. Surprisingly, I am very busy! I clean, I cook and I take care of things. There is always something to do! My kid had an optometrist appointment yesterday. It was nice not to have to rush around the appointment because I had a job to get back to. In fact, we went shopping for Christmas decorations afterwards! We even took public transportation instead of my car!

One of the many reasons why I quit my job was because I pulled Philip out of his regular school. He was miserable over there and I was tired of feeling besieged by them. You can read more about it in this post here. It seems that since my kid didn't fit into this perfect little box, he was politely ushered out.Things are MUCH, MUCH better in the new school and no pressure to medicate! 

Since I wanted him adjusted to a new school, I did not feel comfortable having him put in the daycare program there just yet. Not after the BS he had to deal with at the other school the previous years. Seriously, it did a number on him! Now, he takes the school bus with his new friend up the street and he comes home everyday by bus too. He has time after school to play Minecraft, I am not rushed to make supper and he loves the free time after we do homework! He never had free time like that before!

I had many other reasons why I quit my job. I had many triggers for having those panic attacks but knowing that my kid is happy obviously helped calm my anxiety down. Its still there but nowhere as bad as it was!

In fact, last week, we had a parent meeting and I brought snacks. I baked cookies. I always wanted to do that but never had the time. Now I do and they were a big hit. It is nice to do those things. Surprisingly, I never thought being a stay at home mom was a lot of work but it is! I love it. I love that I have extra time with my kid, I have him with me on ped days as well as two full weeks at Christmas. I am actually looking forward for Christmas this year because I have my baby bat all to myself. In the past, I had to work in-between and always felt guilty for sending him off to my Mom's. I am sure this sentiment will change by the time the kid goes back to school after Christmas break! I also have him with me all summer. I can finally teach him how to ride a bike and take him to the pool! It was so hard to do that on the weekends! I have so much to look forward to!

So yes, I wanted to write something personal today. Life is going good and I wanted to share. ...and in case anyone is wondering, yes, there are days I wear sweat pants and a Star Wars t-shirt but I still mostly dress Goth as fuck when I am home, too! I like to think I am a bad ass mom! Seriously, the fact that I tell people "oh and I bake cookies and shit" is only testament to the fact!

Monday, 20 November 2017

Talk of a Crow remake

It never fails, just when you think they have given up, you hear more mumblings of The Crow remake. Are they really going to do it this time or will it fall through the cracks again?

I know a lot of people feel that Brandon Lee cannot be replaced. To a certain degree, I can understand the sentiment and to a certain extent, I can agree but I can also see the other side of the fence too.While I am personally not a fan of remakes, in this particular case, I would like to see the actual movie before I comment on it. This is one remake that I am interested in seeing because like many others, I do have a personal, emotional attachment to this movie. It was one of the many gateways into Goth for me. This movie came out when I was a teenager! I know Hollywood should leave original movies alone and actually come up with new content but I do think it would be nice to see this remake for nostalgia sake.

Image source: IMBD

Apparently the actor, Jason Momoa was chosen for the role as Eric Draven. If my memory serves me well,as I am glancing at the location of my graphic novel as I write this, Eric Draven was pretty built in the comics and did not have Brandon Lee's slender frame at all.

image taken from here

Like many others, I have seen Jason Momoa as Khal Drogo in Game Of Thrones, I really do think he would be good for the role. Now there is talk that Nick Cave will be writing the script (apparently this was in the works since 2010 but I only found out recently) and to add another positive point to the remake, the creator, James O'Barr signed on as creative consultant.

 All in all, in my opinion, nothing can beat the first movie but by keeping all these facts in mind, I am excited to see the remake and lets be honest here, I am also looking forward to seeing Jason Momoa on screen playing his guitar without a shirt on! I also really hope that there would be a post punk soundtrack to accompany the movie as well but we shall see.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Monthly Music Spotlight: Trisomie 21

Most of my music tastes derives from the eighties. I really do think I was born in the wrong decade because during the eighties, I was a kid in diapers! As a result, it comes as no surprise that I would like to feature an 80's French coldwave band called Trisomie 21!

Trisomie 21 was formed in 1980 by two brothers called Philippe and Hervé Lomprez. The band name in English is Trisomy 21 (aka Down Syndrome)

Listening to this band brings back some fond memories of my babybat days and I would like to regale you on another story of what it was like back then for me. I think the year was 1997 or 1998 and I was about 17 years old, perhaps 18. Growing up in Montreal was great because we have so much culture and the local goth scene back then was thriving. We were very fortunate to have a radio show called "Les Mouches Noires" (The Black Flies to translate. Trust me, it sounds MUCH cooler in French!) that aired every Tuesday night. I remember staying up to listen to the program. This is right around the time people were only beginning to get the Internet in their homes and a radio program featuring music popular in the goth scene was the way to go! I was poor, didn't own a computer (most households didn't really own one back then) and there was no way in hell my mother would allow me to tie up her phone line (remember dial up?) to go on the Internet. Back in my adolescence, the radio show was a perfect source of information for baby bats like me! The DJ would introduce me to new Goth bands and I got to expand my knowledge on the subculture. This was my only way to discover new music aside from going to clubs and friends talking about it.
People would also be able to call in the show with requests and I remember getting all excited whenever a crush or a friend would dedicate a song to me! I used to own a cassette player (remember those?) and would record the songs off of the radio. I learned excellent timing skills that way because it was a real disappointment if I should ever miss the first few seconds of a song. It was a real treat whenever I managed to tape a special song request that was made out to myself or a friend of mine. I remember waking my parents up by shouting out in excitement and then getting yelled at for "making an ass of myself in the middle of the night" whenever a friend or crush would make a request for me. In fact, I wish I still had my cassette collection because I am pretty sure I recorded my mom giving me shit for waking her up!

I remember being enamoured with Trisomie 21's song "La FĂȘte Triste"  that played on this radio program, which was also my introduction to the band. So tonight, I impart you with this song.  I hope you feel just as enamoured with it as I did those many moons ago and hope you all find some form of nostalgic memories of it from your youth as I just did. Enjoy!


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