Monday, 31 July 2017

Hair colours

 Red can be a tough color to keep in your hair and since I last dyed my hair 4 weeks ago, the colour started to fade. I was OK with this but my hair grows really fast. My roots were very visible and this was bothering me. I didn't want to dye my hair again but I did buy Manic Panic to cover my roots and refresh my hair. I feel this is less harsh than an actual hair dye. Depending on how well the Manic Panic holds, I may or may not re-do my hair with a harsher dye in a couple of weeks because I really like this colour!  The Manic Panic colour I used was called "Fushia Shock". The dye itself looks a dark pink but since I didn't bleach my hair before applying it, my hair turned a really nice dark purple colour instead.

Original red dye. Taken with my bat-dog Storm.
The after results of the Manic Panic . This time, there's no dog but Thing decided to rest on my shoulder!


  1. Oooh! Very purply! I like it! I have used purple dye before and enjoyed the results.

  2. I always like when semi permanent dye is applied to natural hair, it creates some subtle colours, but it washes out really fast and for a girl with long hair I couldn't afford the upkeep! lol

  3. You should give Arctic Fox dye a try if you are looking for color that lasts for a long time. :) I a few colors from them and I mix my own shade. Then I leave the stuff in for 4 hours or so and the color stays perfectly for about 8 week in my hair, then it fades over the next few months. My hair is pretty much back to white blond by the 4th month. Manic panic fades really fast on my hair, it only stays nice looking for about one week then it fades back to white by the end of the month. :(

  4. you are so lucky you can pull off semipermanent color without bleaching first!



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