Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Intro post

By now, most of you most probably have read my "About & Content" section or  found the post in my old blog, and learned that I started a new one.

 I wanted to start new and fresh because I outgrew the old blog. I want a blog less centered around my family life. It is not because my family isn't important to me. My son is getting older and his own personality is starting to come out. I much rather let him explore who he is without the public to see. That doesn't mean you won't hear about him anymore but any posts involving him will be written at his request and any photos with him appearing in them will be posted with his consent.

With all these changes, I wanted more of a Goth lifestyle/fashion blog. I want to write about the subculture and my personal experiences within it. I want to do videos and since I lost a lot of weight, I want to show off all the new clothing I will be getting!  It's time to start fresh and I am so inspired. You are all in for a treat!

There are posts in the old blog that I am very fond of, especially the earlier ones when I didn't have the readership I have today. I will be resurrecting those here. Come back tomorrow where I will be digging up some of my previous ones. In fact, I am going to revert back to my old blogging schedule. Expect a post every Monday, Wednesday, and occasionally Friday. Don't fret, there will obviously be new content as well!

I am really looking forward to this and I hope you enjoy it as much as I will!


  1. Whohoo! Looking forward to it.

  2. Congrats on your new blog! I hope you transition easier than I have, I lost like 90% of my following switching over. It figures, there are a lot of dead accounts and when I was combing through the blogs I followed, something like 75% of which hadn't updated in 2+ years. Makes you wonder what happened to the blogging world...

    I'm following you here and on Bloglovin' when and if you end up on there. I look forward to your gothy fashion/lifestyle posts. :)

    1. Yes, the blogging world is becoming obsolete it seems but I like to write. I am going to try and grow this one here and probably do some videos too. I am going to add Bloglovin' later today. I am sorry, I didn't even realize you started a new blog! Congrats to you!

    2. I agree. I follow nearly 100 blogs but so few post anymore. I find that most of my readers come through via Facebook links.

      We're here cheering you on!

    3. Aww thank you! I know, it is the same for me.In a way, starting fresh is good because I am weeding out the clutter

  3. There are never enough alternative fashion blogs! Love the new name!

  4. Sounds interesting and exciting



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