Friday, 28 July 2017

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Well dear readers, I was going to pull out a post from my old blog and put it here today but I got inspired to write some new content instead!

My inspiration came from many places:

One of them was from a  fellow blogger  called Mutant Stomp Friends. She wrote about the death of the alternative blogging scene. It got me thinking. In a way, yes, the blogging community is dying. There are far less Goth bloggers out there. People tend to like more the super filtered images and less actual articles. I guess we live in a society of instant gratification. We want to see the pretty pictures (I too am guilty of this) but I am also old fashioned. I prefer books to Kindles. I prefer the written word over videos. I love to read and write so this is my preferred medium. I am one of those annoying people that complain about how the book was better than the movie!  Having recently started a new blog, with a new URL, I noticed that there are less bloggers out there. I don't think this form of media is completely dead but I think videos/Pinterest/Instagram are the new novelties right now. There's pretty little Goths everywhere, it's fluff, and I have to admit, watching their videos makes me want to focus more on my aesthetic. It's not all that bad. It motivates me to "up" it more.

Speaking of aesthetics, I am in a style rut right now due to my weight loss. I am in the process of buying smaller clothes, taking in my old ones to better fit my body and I am more self confident with showing more skin! I am tired of hiding under clothes. It is a very exciting time for me to be blogging because of this. In addition, I felt like my old blog, while originally had amazing content about being Goth/coming back to Goth in the beginning, it was turning into a Mommy blog. I am a mom. I am proud to be one but I don't want to be a mommy blogger.

I recently did a Youtube video. The first one I ever did was originally for my old blog a couple of years ago but I never published it. It was a disaster! It's a really funny story that I would like to share with you because this is a classic "Sylvie-ism" I really am a goof ball!

You see, what happened,  I got these sort of molds to make eggs into a shape of a skull. I wanted to film myself cooking eggs while using them because it's so frigging cool! I used my laptop to do this because I thought it would be easier than a selfie stick or harassing my husband to film me. The smart thing would have been to ask the husband but I am stubborn and independent. This was my downfall.

Image taken off of

My old laptop doubled as a tablet and I mistakenly put my screen upside down. The whole video was of me going from right side up to upside down. The sound quality was incredibly shitty. I tried to edit as much as I could but I am no professional! I decided to delete the video entirely. I kind of regret it because I could have used clips as a blooper video later on. Oh well. C'est la vie!

I do not plan on making vids regularly but I had so much fun making my last one that making a few more is a possibility but expect more written content. This is my preferred medium. I like versatility. I like fashion, I like discussions about the Goth subculture, I like sharing my experiences (be it back when I was growing up to current) and want to share some of my music tastes. I may occasionally write about health and fitness too since this too has become part of my lifestyle. I don't want to fit into a mold because those who know me really well, know I am not that sort of person. I like diversity and while I may dress all in black, I like many things that go bump in the night, I like a lot of colour and variety in my life too. I want this blog reflect that, I want versatility, I don't mainly want to be a fashion blogger or a mommy blogger or a fitness blogger. I hate putting anyone in a category. So yes, there will be (minimal) videos and there will be fluff too but expect other content as well. Please don't box me in, I sleep in an open coffin at night...sometimes even upside down!


  1. Yours is one of the few lifestyle blogs I follow, even if I can't relate to most of the mom stuff. Your enthusiasm for the scene and fashion is refreshing and contagious!

  2. My kind of girl. I love written blogs, unfortunately I don't have time to write myself. My favourite format is a lot of text + enough pictures to illustrate the point. I sometimes enjoy videos of people talking or showing stuff, but I hate video tutorials, especially recipes (when they don't put the ingredients in the description and you have to pause and write down, these people deserve a special place in hell)!

    I would love to read more often about your adventures, as well as updated content from the old blog.

  3. Thank you! That is very sweet!!! I agree, I love a lot of text and no overkill on the pictures. I hate tutorials as well or when people show off their haul but fail to put links to where they go the items. They briefly mention it in the video.

  4. Yay! I do think you shouldn't let yourself be defined by one thing but let your interests guide you!



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