Friday, 14 July 2017

The Trouble With Tribbles

* Taken from old blog but edited to better reflect my sarcasm*

For those not familiar with Tribbles (are there really people out there not familiar with these cute fuzzy little creatures?)  they are shaped like a furry tennis ball and they make these cute little sounds that resemble a high pitched purr. Tribbles were featured in a Star Trek episode from the original series. In this episode, one of these little creatures got sold to Lieutenant Uhura and it made it's way onboard the Enterprise. It then begins to multiply and multiply and multiply... to the point, they are EVERYWHERE. You open a closet door, hundreds of them fall out. I often call the more mundane people Tribbles. You see, like what many of us refer to as Normies, I like to call these people Tribbles because they all look the same, they don't really do anything except multiply! Perhaps it is a little mean on my end to see things that way but that is just my sense of humour.

I am sure we all experienced it. There is always someone. Be it a family member, an acquaintance, co-worker or neighbor, there is usually ALWAYS someone there that looks down on you due to your lifestyle choices. This would be understandable if I were to be a murderer, drug user, or doing anything illegal but I am not. I am being looked down on because of the way I dress. That I openly admit that I am part of the goth subculture. I look weird. I am a "freak" and "not normal". I am not as good as they are because of the choices I make over MY OWN PERSONAL APPEARANCE.

Some people are more blatantly obvious than others with their remarks, some people will call you a silly nickname in guise of only joking. Don't get me wrong, I have a sense of humour and can take a joke. I make fun of myself all the time!  You know these people are showing you their sense of disapproval, you can tell by their not-so-subtle yet "only joking" remarks. You know they are totally serious, you know they are insulting you but the moment you confront them for being an ass, they gaslight you and play victim. They do this by telling you that you are being overly sensitive or you are doing it for attention; You can't take a joke and my all time favorites are: "it was all a misunderstanding" or "it would be easier if you dressed like everyone else then you wouldn't have to go through this." I ignore these people but like a bad rash, they keep coming back. They are like Tribbles!

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These are usually pretty vanilla people. They couldn't conceive a creative thought even if creativity were to whip it's dick out and smack them across the face! This is probably why they like to rag on you.

What really rots my socks is when these said people criticize you for doing a certain thing. It could be trivial like giving your kid a mohawk, getting a piercing, tattoo or dying your hair a certain color because it is not within the mainstream. They do this to your face and behind your back. It becomes a "thing" even though it is none of their business anyway. The next thing you know, they are doing the same god damn thing as you because some celebrity did it or it is the new fashion trend and they just have to fit in. It annoys me. Mainstream fashion will take something from a subculture, make it trendy and people like these eat it up although they originally criticized you for doing the same thing in the first place! The only difference, they criticized you because you did it before it became trendy. You weren't following the norm.

 I know I shouldn't let it get to me. I should feel privileged and so forth but I don't. It annoys the crap out of me. I don't follow the latest fashion trends, I wear what I like! I do sometimes get clothing in mainstream stores but that is just because whatever is the "in thing" at that time coincides with the clothing I personally like to wear.  Hell, I even buy brand name alternative clothing items. I can't always say that I am "oh so original" yet I express myself with things I like, not to follow what everyone is wearing, even if it is within the subculture.

Speaking of our subculture, some of us do it to each other too. I have heard many times; If you don't like a certain band among the other "proper goth bands"or you wear a certain piece of clothing, you are a poseur! Really? So as a subculture based off of self-expression, if you don't do XYZ and put yourself in a little box, you aren't really goth? Mmmkkay there! I think there are certain aspects that make someone goth (music, literature, clothing, etc) to a certain extent there should be some loose guidelines BUT we shouldn't be so anal about it either.

On a more pleasant side, at least I know that I and all those like me, who dances to the beat of their own drum ,will always have a special place in society. We are often known to be innovators and creative geniuses because we tend to not follow the herd. Tribbles... Note the snarkiness and sarcasm at the genius remark...OK OK...we ALL  know I am a creative genius! So there!
When you go out and you see the mainstream trying to imitate us AGAIN...just think of the Tribbles and don't worry, next week, there will be a new trend and at least you have the knowledge that you were doing it before the Tribbles took over! Besides, when the certain item is no longer is considered "in" just think about all the bargains you can get and have some cool items to add to your wardrobe.


  1. Special place in society? More like special hell. You can get insults for who you are there AND no appreciation for your creative mind, too! It becomes even funnier if you're not really creative, contrary to your own self-perception. (I'm really bitter recently, sorry to vent here)

    1. No worries. I get it, that is why I tried to be funny in my post. I was hoping to make people laugh :)

  2. That song made me laugh! But now I won't ever think of (Star Trek) tribbles the same way again!

  3. I have not heard of Tribbles because when I got acquainted with Star Trek it was The New Generation era and I would never hear of anything without Cpt. Picard and Data! My husband and I were talking the other day about people who just multiply, but in a different context (the ones who breed a bunch of kids and expect charity). I guess I should consider myself lucky I didn't interact with your kind of Tribbles?



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