Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Alternative Blogger Of the Month: Cafe Lestrange

If you have beeen reading my blog for this past month, you would most probably know by now that every last Wednesday of the month, I plan on featuring a fellow blogger. This month, I chose Aji Lastrange from Café Lastrange. 

The idea was highly influenced by a blog post written by Mutant Stomp Friends where she gives advice on how to grow your blog because it seems like lately, the blogging community has diminished. I wanted to help and offered any new bloggers with a small following to message me and I would happily give them a shout out on my blog.

Now back to my blogger of the month, Café Lastrange. 

Aji started her blog in January 2014 with a welcome message. Since then, she has made many DIY posts about revamping her bedroom, to jewellery making to discussing the going-ons with Voltaire. What can I say? This chick has some great taste! The posts she does make, are well written and she appears to have a very good knowledge on the Goth subculture. Aji also won the Black Rose Top Blogger award in 2015.

This girl has some good content, she has a wonderful sense of humour (I love her comments) and if you are not following her, I highly recommend that you do.

Now, go comment on her page and show her some love!

P.S - I am biased, her blog has café in it... what's not to love about a café????

 You can now consult my "Blogger Of The Month" tab at the top of my page to see links from the blogs I have featured every month. No spoilers!!!

Monday, 28 August 2017

The Darkling Tag (in video form)

I was nominated by several bloggers for this tag - thank you. I also noticed that many fellow bloggers are also crediting Graveyard Kittens for the original questions so I should also do the same and in the meantime, I am going to say "thank you" to her as well.

I am lazy so I did a video instead of a blog. If you are lazy like me, I have the questions below if you want to copy/paste. There are some questions I missed in the video so I wrote out my responses below. This is open to anyone who would like to participate. I lost track of who did this so feel free to participate if you like.

Here are the questions:

💀 What is your favorite candle scent?

💀 Do you have a favorite book?
💀 Are you a tea or coffee person?

💀 What is your favorite brand and color of lipstick?  
 For some reason, I skipped this one in error. It is Kat Von D lipstick called Vampira.

💀 What is your favorite perfume/cologne?

💀 Do you have a celebrity crush?

💀 If you had to give up the color black, what color would you choose instead?
I missed this one too. I would never be in a position to give up black. Never! 

💀 If you could change your name to a stereotypical 90s/2000s gothy name, what would it be?

💀 What are your top three tips for surviving hot weather while black clad?

💀 What song will always make you happy (doesn’t have to be a goth band)?

💀 Are you active in the arts (ex. Play an instrument, paint, write, etc)?

💀 If you had a teacup or mug made inscribed just for you, what would you have it say? 
I didn't answer this one but it would be "fuck off, im drinking my coffee"

💀 What is your number one non-gothy hobby?

Thought Provokers:   

💀If you could be a supernatural creature, what would it be and why?

💀What horror monster-based super power would you have?

💀Do you feel confident or comfortable interacting with other Goths or gothy people (online or irl)? Why or why not?

💀Which is more important for a look: Great hair or great makeup? 
For some reason, I didnt answer this one either. I really don't care to be honest. I try to do both but I do have bad hair days and have a tendency to paint my eyeballs while applying meh! 

💀Is there something you wish there was more of in your subculture?

💀Care to share an embarrassing story related to your “darkliness“? 

💀How are you at DIY?

💀Quickly describe your ideal wedding   
I didn't answer this one either... My ideal one would be without my in-laws there to ruin it. Especially when one of them meddled into something that had nothing to do with her and when I called her out on it, all of a sudden, I am not good enough to marry into that family. Well, its been 9 years!  

Confessional (aka True or False):
💀I love watching cheesy romance films
💀 I ALWAYS remember to wash off my makeup at night. 
💀 I sleep with plushies.
💀 I wear non-black pajamas most nights.

💀 I still listen to a boy band that had disbanded years ago.
💀 I think Andrew Eldritch is overrated.
💀 I don’t like vampires.
💀 I don’t like clubs. 

💀 I’m dating a goth/darkly-inclined person. 
💀 I don’t enjoy graveyards. 
💀 Blood makes me queasy. 
💀 I’d sooner faint than pet a spider.
💀 I don’t like haunted houses. 
💀 I still browse Hot Topic’s clearance racks. 
I don't have one here
💀 I’ve never read Dracula.  
💀 I think “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” is a long and boring song.



PS Come back Wednesday where I will be featuring a blogger in order to keep this cool community alive.


Friday, 25 August 2017

My normal years and how I rediscovered Goth

**pulled from the old blog**

 "Not all girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice. I am made of sarcasm and wine and everything fine" - anonymous

 As a teenager, I experimented a lot with my style. Even back then, I had a unique way of dressing.  I also became a total mall goth/baby bat. All that changed when my friend played The Sisters Of Mercy for me. I was so happy, I was crying. That was the sound I was looking for and deep down, I knew the music I was listening to wasn't really goth. My baby bat days were almost over! Don't get me wrong, I still made some rather...ahem..questionable wardrobe choices in the beginning (ie. a woolen cape in the middle of a summer heat wave) my music repertoire no longer consisted of mainly Marilyn Manson and other bands that would fit the famous "mall goth" category.

By the time I reached my mid-twenties, I ditched the goth wardrobe and wore what everyone else wore. I hated it. I felt like I had to be "responsible" and grow up. To me, being goth isn't solely identified with the clothes you wear. It is just that, clothes. Despite still listening to the music and reading what would be considered Gothic literature, it hurt me that I gave away my Goth clothes to Goodwill but I felt like I had to change. I was at a point in my life, I needed to settle down in a job and I started to think about starting my own family. Having children was really important to me.

Ironically enough, those were the darkest days of my life. I never recognized myself when I looked in the mirror. I wore clothes because I most certainly couldn't go out in my pajamas. I also went through a lot of personal trauma around that time which also didn't help matters. It was easier to blend in but blending in didn't offer me any personal comfort either.

Every time I wore something, someone, somewhere, would make a comment on how I would make a good goth! Shopping was no longer a fun filled experience, it was an ordeal. I bought what was on sale because why spend good money on something I didn't really like? My friends would play spot the goth undertones because as much as I tried to say I was no longer goth, I was on the inside and it reflected in some of the things I would wear.

Being goth wasn't a choice, it is part of who I am. It is just like if you were gay, you didn't choose to be it, you were.

During those times, I had blonde hair, wore blue jeans and pink tops. I made friends with people who dressed like me and I felt alone. What hurt me the most, when I was "normal" certain people, be it friends, acquaintances, even family members (I do emphasise certain, not ALL) was the acceptance I got from these people because I ditched the dark wardrobe. I was finally accepted by them because I was dressing more within their views on what people should wear. I was a sheep.

 I was very pregnant with my son back then. Lots of pregnant ladies get that huge nose before they give birth, I was one of them.Holy shit!

Not long after I had my son, something in me snapped. Being pregnant and a new mother put lots of pressure on me.It seems like no matter what I did, my parenting choices were always scrutinised and I was often made to feel like a bad parent. I didn't co-sleep, child abuse! I bottle fed, oh no, my son is going to end with a low IQ and not thrive! I drank coffee while pregnant (the one coffee per day my doctor permitted)  I was committing infanticide in the womb! Everything I did and ate was placed under a microscope and judged. I realised that as a teenager, I never cared what people thought of me. That was liberating. I held my head up with pride. I was happy. I surrounded myself by like-minded, less toxic, more positive people. As an outsider, the non-goths would never guess this but these were the people that held me up. These were the people where I was able to converse with and actually enjoy talking to since I didn't have the usual boring conversations that centered around more mundane, boring subjects.  I was never made to feel like I was doing something wrong. We talked about art, music, and life in general. These conversations left me walking away with having learned something new. This is where it occurred to me that maybe, just maybe...I can go shopping and get some new things that are black? Something in me "squeed" at that thought about returning to the alternative stores that I used to frequent and my husband commented on how he has not seen me that passionate in a long time. We went shopping that weekend and I spent far too much money.

That shopping experience stood out. I remember how nice it was to talk with other like-minded people within the Goth community. This is one thing I like about Montreal; The majority of Goths in this city are super friendly and nice. I am sure you can meet the occasional elitist or asshole but for the most part, my local community seems to be pretty welcoming and not very judgemental. Well, these are my personal experiences, maybe it is not the same for someone else?  It was breathtaking to have conversations, usually somewhat silly without someone looking at me like I was from another planet. There is so much more than talking about kids, the weather, what sports team won and other boring details about the game play. It was nice to talk to someone and not hear "it is nice you look normal now. I like what you are wearing" sort of conversations. I got to talk about bands that I listen to and other like-minded subjects.

I slowly starting integrating new pieces in my wardrobe. I dyed my hair dark purple. I got my labret (lip) pierced. Things were coming along nicely. I felt happy. I smiled and I had a wonderful realization: your life, hobbies, interests and other general things that make you happy should never be put aside because you became a parent. Yes, I do not have the time or energy I used to have to go clubbing but life doesn't stop because you become a wife and a mother. My husband fell in love with me - the goth me, not the person I became and Voltaire's song "where's the girl" holds true to him when I went normal. You have no idea how much I appreciated him standing by me during this time.

So these were my "responsible years" where I foolishly felt like I needed to do everything right. There is so much pressure on young parents these days! Having my son enabled me to see the world once again. I realized there was more than just being a parent. I did not have to stop living because I had a kid. I could still be me AND a mother AND a wife.

Children learn from their folks. What kind of example was I showing my son by being so unhappy? I want him to be comfortable with who he was and here I am showing him the opposite. I wasn't comfortable with who I was. I didn't like looking in the mirror because it felt like a stranger looking back at me. I became everything I morally was against. Worst of all, I was teaching my son a lesson I really did not want him to learn. Me finding goth again wasn't a rebellion against society, as much as it might sound like it was. Me finding goth again was coming back to who I was.

My work has no issues with the way I look. I respect the fact that while I do have some advantages that I didn't in previous jobs there are still some limitations, which I respect. Outside of work, there are times that I do feel judged or my parenting skills are questioned because of my outward appearance but I know that deep down, this also happened when I "fit in" I learned that no matter what I did or didn't do with my kid would be under constant scrutiny by people. Just like an elitist asshole within the Goth community, I chalk it up as them projecting their own personal insecurities on me. As time went by, I learned to not give haters the time of day. I have better things to do and worry about so I go about doing what I think is right for MY family. Fuck them!

More and more each day, tattoos and piercings are more acceptable in workplaces than they were 5 years ago. This is from my perception, I am sure it is not the same everywhere. On the other hand, I am lucky to be in a position that if ever I choose to find employment elsewhere, now that I have enough work experience under my belt, I will never take out my piercings or cover up a tattoo for a job ever again. Most importantly, I hope one day my son will never succumb to social pressure like I did. I hope he never should feel that he needs to change anything about who he is for the sake of fitting in. Especially with his peers at school! If he were to come home and tell me he was gay or transgendered or super conservative (you, know, as means to rebel against me), it would never be an issue with me. I would still love him.  It is sad that currently, these trivial things are top issues while the more important things such as world hunger are never a top priority. It seems like the world needs more love now then ever.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Outfit post: Halloween shopping and how to be frugal

Over the weekend I did some shopping with my usual partner in crime (my niece, Lori). We both were a good influence on each other this time around when it came to spending money. We both have some upcoming expenses and we were both able to talk each other out of frugal purchases. For me, it was a challenge to refrain myself from buying all sorts of Halloween items. Turns out Homesense and Bath & Body Works have their items out already. This really is the most wonderful time of the year!

For the record, I do plan on going back in a couple of weeks once I am done paying for Philip's school fees/supplies as well as his upcoming birthday. Time flies, it seems like only yesterday I brought my baby bat home from the hospital and he is turning seven soon. 

This is what I got so far. I need more pumpkin/leave scented candles since I burn those year round!

Bath & Body Works Halloween

Special tip on being frugal - In order to help with my impulse shopping, I wore heels so I wouldn't walk/stand around too long! It worked because I spent under the budget I made for myself! You can't really tell that I am wearing heels in the pictures below but rest assured, I had them on!

Alt model, Goth fashion

Off topic, thank you for the Darkling tag. I think so far, three bloggers tagged me. I am getting to it. So many blog posts and videos to make, so little time!

Monday, 21 August 2017

Voltaire's new album: Heart Shaped Wound

For those who know me, know that I adore Voltaire and make it no secret, that I am a total Fan-Girl.I was super stoked to not only be getting his latest album in CD format but in digital download as well! Squeee! I had to make a video! This is my third video and I am getting used to this Youtube business.

P.S. Next Wednesday,  August 30th, I will be calling out a fellow blogger in my Alternative Blogger Of The Month. Don't be shy, contact me if you would like to be featured in next month's!


Friday, 18 August 2017

Outfit post: Not your typical office gal

This is a more corp goth look than anything else. It is rather toned down but I love this skirt as it is very versatile. I can wear it with almost anything. I can goth it up or tone it down and I have owned it for several years now. It is nice to sometimes look a little more polished at work. It is a good way to offset the more gothic looking outfit I wore the day before! My company doesn't really have a dress code so I do stand out wearing heels among the sea of shorts, jeans, sneakers and flip-flops but I dress for me, not to fit in.

Corp Goth

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Monthly Music Spotlight: Kickoff

Hello! As promised, I wanted to start this whole Monthly Music Spotlight with a bang! I decided to create my own playlist of my favourite songs I used to love to dance to when I was a teenager in the nineties. As promised, there's no The Sisters Of Mercy, The Cure, Siouxsie, Christian Death, Joy Division, Bauhaus, etc. I hope you like it! Come back next month where I will be featuring a band! I hope you enjoy and if there are any goths around my age out there, I hope you get hit with a wave of nostalgia!

P.s. this is a playlist, there are 17 songs total, not just the Like A Prayer cover, there's more!


Monday, 14 August 2017

I shall call these outfits: Goth Mom and wet look

The weather was really odd on Saturday. We had several downpours with hot, crazy humid spells in between. This caused a migraine and I decided not to go to the local goth night that was scheduled. Instead, I met a friend for coffee. In a way, I am happy that things turned out the way it did. It was nice to actually have a conversation with someone in a quiet setting vs screaming over music.

The highlights of my evening were: having great conversations with a cool friend, coffee, scones, and purchasing a box of chocolate covered coffee beans to be consumed (in moderation) at home!

Here is an outfit post that I wore to the coffee place. It is nothing special but I thought it looked cute and in previous years, I would have never had the confidence to wear something like this. It is more of a concern over my weight over anything else. I decided to take public transportation and I got caught in one of these downpours. Here are the before and after photos:

Necessary Evil, Anarchic shoes, Goth mom

And I got caught in the downpour...10 minutes later, the sun was back out! 

P.S. Don't forget, this Wednesday is my first monthly music spotlight post! I really do hope you will like it!

Friday, 11 August 2017

A thanks, event reminders and summer outfit post

I just want to say thank you to those for your music suggestions. In case you are wondering, long story short, in my previous post, I shared a video I made and discussed music. I asked you to suggest some bands and stated that once a month (every third Wednesday) I will be sharing some music on this page. I may do videos, I may do a blog post. It all depends, I guess.The first music spotlight will happen on Wednesday, August 16th.

In addition, I will also be featuring "An Alternative Blogger Of The Month" post which will happen every last Wednesday of the month. I really want to encourage the Goth/alternative blogging community and if you are a fairly recent blogger, or you are struggling to get readers, please contact me and I will be more than happy to feature you here.

This summer, weather wise, is excellent. We are having a lot of rain, not too many crazy heat waves except for today; it was hot and humid. In the past, I never really knew what to wear for this kind of weather because I was afraid to wear tight or revealing clothes. I gained a lot weight and I just didn't like the way I looked. For me personally, beauty does come in all shapes and sizes, however, I have always been a petite woman. Seeing myself gain weight like that was a huge wake up call for me. I wasn't taking care of myself and I knew I had to do something. I decided it was time for a change. I have lost a good amount of weight since and this year, I am a little more confident and I obviously don't regret that decision.

P.S. - The humidity was very thick...kinda shows in the photos, my apologies!

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Monthly music spotlight + a new video by yours truly!

We have all pretty much seen Angela Benedict's response video regarding music being part of Goth subculture. Here is my video on that matter:

Anyways, Angela's video got me inspired to do a Monthly music spotlight where I will be featuring some music over here! My promise: there will be no spotlight on Siouxsie, Joy Division, Bauhaus, etc. I want to feature some of the music I like that is not considered to be the "major 5 bands that makes you goth and if you don't like them, you are not true goth!" I want to have a variety of beautiful, dark music on this page! My goal, if I can be introduced to new music, I am happy but ultimately, my main objective is to seduce you, dear readers to some of the sounds that make my soul sing.

With that, I am open to suggestions because I don't know everything and maybe someone can mention a band I never heard of. This is why I encourage your input. I don't want to be the gothier than thou type , that is not my goal. I want us to be a community. I want us to help each other and if it means me stepping up the plate by making suggestions, then so be it but I don't want to come across as being the "queen of Goth" either. I want us to work together because your suggestions are taken seriously!  This is why, I urge you to give me suggestions in YOUR music tastes (as long as it isn't rap or country, lets be relevant to the subject matter here, please) and you can easily do so by doing one of three things:

(1) Message me on this blog's Facebook page

(2) Use the contact form on the side (it works, I tested it)

(3) You can email me

If you are a new musician and have a band, please send me your suggestion. Maybe a local reader would check you out?

This will happen every third Wednesday of the month and the first spotlight will be on Wednesday, August 16 (my wedding anniversary, no less!) and I sincerely hope that you will enjoy this.

I am unsure if I am going to make videos out of these or just do a blog post. Who knows, I might do both?

Monday, 7 August 2017

Alternative blogger of the month

Well dear readers, I am truly blessed to have such loyal, kind, amazing readers. Seriously, you have no idea how much I appreciate that some of you have stuck by me. I am also happy that many of you transitioned over here from my old blog. Being a blogger, I obviously read as many blogs as I can. Naturally, I have a preference for the more alternative ones. As myself and Mutant Stomp Friends have stated, there has been a major decline in goth/dark fashion bloggers out there. In order to keep this really cool community going, I want to recommend a blogger to you, once a month.

In fact, this will happen on the last Wednesday of every month where I will write up a little blurb about the blog I am featuring as well as the author(s) that contribute towards it. The main goal is to help the blogger gain more of a following. I think this is a wonderful way to keep our blogging community alive!

I want to recommend newer blogs or ones that post regularly but don't have a lot of traffic. I am going to be biased, since the majority of my readers are Goth or alternative, I would like to stay relevant to the subject. I already have a few blogs I want to recommend but just in case, I am open to receiving recommendations from you! In fact, I welcome it! I am open to hopefully discover new blogs myself!

If you want to submit your blog, you can do one of three things:
(a) message me on my Facebook page
(b) send me an email
(c) use the message form on my sidebar. It works...I tested it

Once I post my Alternative Blogger Of The Month, I will then create a whole page (kind of like my About/Contact/Creds section if you look under my banner) for anyone to consult.

Again, I usually post every Monday, Wednesday, and (mostly) Friday. The Alternative Blogger Of The Month post will be the last Wednesday of every month. For example, you will be able to read this months referral on Wednesday, August 30th, 2017.

I look forward to reading your suggestions and I sincerely hope you enjoy mine as well!

Remember folks, Stay true to yourselves and be nice to one and other.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Product review: Kat Von D foundation

I recently wrote about Kat Von D's lipstick (which is AMAZING by the way!) and now I am going to give you an update about her liquid foundation.

This was purchased by me at Sephora the same time I got my lipstick but I wanted to use up my old foundation first before opening a new one. I also wanted to wear my new foundation for a few days before I recommend it. I was happy with my first application and I am still happy with the results no, a week later.

I am happy that this foundation is slightly paler than my skin tone and I am a naturally pale person too, so this made me super happy! I got the palest one available. Less is definitely more. I don't need that much. You have to really make sure you rub it/dab it in because a little drop goes a long way (wow, that sounds kinda wrong doesn't it? Ha! Ha!) I had some acne earlier this week and it did a good job at covering my blemishes. This is my new go-to product!

Image taken off of Sephora's website.

Another reason why I wanted to wait to give a review because some foundations that claim to be 24hrs, don't. I am not a morning person. I have no time for primer bullshit!

The result:This foundation lasts all day! I had a very strong feeling this would be the case because when I tried the tester in Sephora, I had a hard time rubbing off the foundation with a tissue. I had to use the makeup remover the store provided. I knew this would give me a good inclination on how well it holds but I wanted to make sure. I wanted to test it using my "Sylvie-isms" as proof! I wanted several days of heat/humidity, of me resting my hands on my cheeks (now you know why I have acne) as well as having a kid and puppy kiss me on my cheeks all the time. With all that, the makeup still holds! Believe me, if it can stand through having my face licked by my dog, it can take everyday wear! When I do remove the makeup, I make sure I have a good remover and that my face is washed with a good cleanser afterwards. It seems to come off easy with a proper remover but holds well through everyday life. Even my life!

This product is worth the cost and I do plan on buying it again!

Early AM

A little over 12 hours later... not bad. I look tired (it's been a long day) but it still holding

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Not goth enough???

 ***posted from the old blog but slightly edited***

This topic has been around for a very, very long time. I am sure we all sometimes feel we are not Goth enough for whatever reasons. Sometimes, it is an insecure asshole who is projecting their insecurities on us. Sometimes, we have moments of insecurities ourselves.

There are times I get insecure, especially after watching Youtube videos and I wish I could have those mad makeup skills some of these people have! I learned to not worry about whether or not I am accepted by the other goths (or anyone for that matter). Like anywhere else I go, there are people who will like me and people who won't. I am sure some people don't see me as a goth for whatever reason and that is fine. That is their opinion. I learned to not get so emotional about these things. Most of the time, I treat the person as an annoying tick because I have better things to worry about.

When I was younger and I was a little more exuberant, a lot of goths turned their little noses down at me because I am a perky. I very rarely frown. I can be loud, I probably laugh louder than most people in the room and I have a sunny disposition on life. In fact, while I do have a select few "morbid" art work hung on my walls, I mainly have cute darkly themed items about (ie Nightmare Before Christmas, glow in the dark bats, etc) I am hyper and I smile. A LOT. In fact, my perkiness is what makes me successful in my job. I smile! I laugh! I make sarcastic, sometimes goofy remarks and I am bouncy.I am not all doom and gloom. I do not take myself seriously at all. Life is too short! Granted, I may not be all full of life first thing in the morning but I am usually good to go after a coffee or two! The people who tend to turn their noses down at me, I usually do the same to them because personally, I have a really hard time with people who take themselves and everything else way too seriously (in fact, some of these people just have a pole shoved up their ass!) For the record, I am serious when I have to be (obviously) but I am not anal about it either.

My advice, ignore the other people. In fact, feel sorry for them because they too probably feel they aren't goth enough themselves. They feel a need to point things out on other people to draw the attention away from themselves.

Please do not listen to that voice inside your head (or someone else) that gets you to question who you are. In fact, tell that voice to fuck off! I once listened to that little voice that told me I had to "grow up", I ditched the clothing, went completely normal, even denied that I was affiliated with the goth subculture and it made me miserable. In fact, the happiest times was when I wore the dark clothing.

With all that, I am going to list all the non-goth things I like and enjoy.If you should ever think of revoking my goth card, I won't hesitate to shove my pointy boot up your ass. It's mine, dammit!

(1) I own a white car. Yes, white car, not black. It is not a hearse, I drive a Pontiac. Oh noes!
(2) I love and collect Hello Kitty.
(3) My son wears whatever he wants. He wears colour and we happily allow it. He is not an extension of ourselves.  As much as it is cute to have our very own little Pugsley Addams, he is his own person. We respect that.
(4) I like Marilyn Manson (MALL GOTH!)
(5) Where I live, the walls are white and I do not really sleep in a coffin
(5) The ring tone on my phone is not Bela Lugosi's dead. It is a generic, boring ringtone that came with my phone.
(6) I wore white when I got married instead of black or crimson.
 (7) My pajamas are not black. In fact, I have a light grey nightdress and it says "my heart belongs to coffee" on the front.
(8) I work in the Fashion industry but it has NOTHING to do with corsets or anything pertaining to the goth movement, in fact it is sportswear! (HEALTH GOTH)
(9) When my son was younger, we played Rafi and Sharon Lois and Bram instead of Gregorian chants or Siouxsie. I am still proud to  know all the lyrics to "Baby Beluga" and "Skinamarinky Dink"
(10) I don't own a black cat
(11) Total guilty pleasure but I like Abba

Remember folks, the only power or control ANYONE can hold over you is the power and/or control YOU allow to give them. Don't feed the elitist assholes!!!

What are your un-goth confessions? I dare you!


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