Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Not goth enough???

 ***posted from the old blog but slightly edited***

This topic has been around for a very, very long time. I am sure we all sometimes feel we are not Goth enough for whatever reasons. Sometimes, it is an insecure asshole who is projecting their insecurities on us. Sometimes, we have moments of insecurities ourselves.

There are times I get insecure, especially after watching Youtube videos and I wish I could have those mad makeup skills some of these people have! I learned to not worry about whether or not I am accepted by the other goths (or anyone for that matter). Like anywhere else I go, there are people who will like me and people who won't. I am sure some people don't see me as a goth for whatever reason and that is fine. That is their opinion. I learned to not get so emotional about these things. Most of the time, I treat the person as an annoying tick because I have better things to worry about.

When I was younger and I was a little more exuberant, a lot of goths turned their little noses down at me because I am a perky. I very rarely frown. I can be loud, I probably laugh louder than most people in the room and I have a sunny disposition on life. In fact, while I do have a select few "morbid" art work hung on my walls, I mainly have cute darkly themed items about (ie Nightmare Before Christmas, glow in the dark bats, etc) I am hyper and I smile. A LOT. In fact, my perkiness is what makes me successful in my job. I smile! I laugh! I make sarcastic, sometimes goofy remarks and I am bouncy.I am not all doom and gloom. I do not take myself seriously at all. Life is too short! Granted, I may not be all full of life first thing in the morning but I am usually good to go after a coffee or two! The people who tend to turn their noses down at me, I usually do the same to them because personally, I have a really hard time with people who take themselves and everything else way too seriously (in fact, some of these people just have a pole shoved up their ass!) For the record, I am serious when I have to be (obviously) but I am not anal about it either.

My advice, ignore the other people. In fact, feel sorry for them because they too probably feel they aren't goth enough themselves. They feel a need to point things out on other people to draw the attention away from themselves.

Please do not listen to that voice inside your head (or someone else) that gets you to question who you are. In fact, tell that voice to fuck off! I once listened to that little voice that told me I had to "grow up", I ditched the clothing, went completely normal, even denied that I was affiliated with the goth subculture and it made me miserable. In fact, the happiest times was when I wore the dark clothing.

With all that, I am going to list all the non-goth things I like and enjoy.If you should ever think of revoking my goth card, I won't hesitate to shove my pointy boot up your ass. It's mine, dammit!

(1) I own a white car. Yes, white car, not black. It is not a hearse, I drive a Pontiac. Oh noes!
(2) I love and collect Hello Kitty.
(3) My son wears whatever he wants. He wears colour and we happily allow it. He is not an extension of ourselves.  As much as it is cute to have our very own little Pugsley Addams, he is his own person. We respect that.
(4) I like Marilyn Manson (MALL GOTH!)
(5) Where I live, the walls are white and I do not really sleep in a coffin
(5) The ring tone on my phone is not Bela Lugosi's dead. It is a generic, boring ringtone that came with my phone.
(6) I wore white when I got married instead of black or crimson.
 (7) My pajamas are not black. In fact, I have a light grey nightdress and it says "my heart belongs to coffee" on the front.
(8) I work in the Fashion industry but it has NOTHING to do with corsets or anything pertaining to the goth movement, in fact it is sportswear! (HEALTH GOTH)
(9) When my son was younger, we played Rafi and Sharon Lois and Bram instead of Gregorian chants or Siouxsie. I am still proud to  know all the lyrics to "Baby Beluga" and "Skinamarinky Dink"
(10) I don't own a black cat
(11) Total guilty pleasure but I like Abba

Remember folks, the only power or control ANYONE can hold over you is the power and/or control YOU allow to give them. Don't feed the elitist assholes!!!

What are your un-goth confessions? I dare you!


  1. In response to #9: THE ELEPHANT SHOW!!! I used to watch that when I was little.

  2. I hear you on those makeup tutorials on youtube. haha I went to cosmetology schools and took a makeup continuing education course and a teenager on youtube is better at goth makeup than I am.

  3. I was literally thinking about this **today**.
    I've been told I wasn't goth because of my skin color in the past, and for the most part I have learned to love my beautiful skin... but it was certainly tough in the face of so many of those outside opinions.
    Now most recently I was told that I'm not goth for my lack of piercings, no tattoos, and natural hair lol.
    Well, fuck the goth label then... call me a Halloweenizen. I have plenty of that around, haha!

    1. Wow... I know so many Goths of colour personally, I cannot fathom this could happen but yet it does. I am so sorry you had to deal with that kind of BS. I never knew being goth meant piercings, tats, and having dyed hair. if I had your natural colour, I probably wouldn't be dying mine either!

  4. I love this! There's always a fear of being judged, but being narrow and not exploring all the sides of your personality isn't good! <3

  5. I've only recently realized that many of my natural tendencies align with being Goth but I know many "twue gawths" would criticize me profusely if I deigned use the label in their presence. I'm okay with that. :)

    I am happy 98% of the time and *look* happy 99% of the time. I drive a minivan (though I've wanted a hearse or an El Camino since I small). I, too, have white walls but if I could paint them, they'd be sunny yellow. :) Drag queens are my spirit animal yet I rarely make up, maybe subtle eyeliner and lip gloss at the most some days.

    My fiance describes me to people as "morbidly cute" which I think it a pretty accurate description, actually.

    1. Yes! Who cares about the twue gawths. They can go play in traffic!

  6. I live on my pjs their mainly pale green,pink, blue white. I don't care aslong as their comfy it saves on the washing. I like Abba and Dean Martin. I don't always dress in black I have a few colourful jumpers and tshirts.

    I've seemed to noticed on social media the younger goths tend adopt more of an extreme corpse face or white face with black make up the look amazing. I getting old it takes effort to dress sometimes can't help be bothered and have to pay bills save money on washing lol. Wait till come to middle age I am nearing 30 lol. Age does change you.

  7. I love this post and couldn't agree more with you. Everything boils down to being yourself and being happy with who you are.

    Will try and make the un-goth confessions! It seems so much fun^^

  8. You're so funny! I love this article. When you mentioned PJs, that hit a sore spot. Where do people get dark PJs and bedding that is not either a) ridiculously overpriced or b) made of polyester (yuk)? The one I'm wearing now is light grey with a kitty covering its eyes and it says "go back to sleep". I have another one that is light pink. Also with a kitty.

  9. LOL I even had a pair with kermit the frog on them. I wore them so much, they had to be thrown out. I even had one with Animal from the muppets and it was bright pink :) I think I have one with Casper somewhere and I suppose I got it around Halloween time because he is wearing a vampire costume and it says "I vant candy" I have Hello Litty and Jack Skellington boxers I sleep in. I user borrow my husband's t-shirts because they are huge and comfy :) Your pjs sounds adorable!

    1. and please ignore my typos. I should have finished my morning coffee before replying. My apologies.

  10. I get called, "The happiest goth I know", by people who meet me ;) Not a bad thing to be upbeat as a goth. Hell, I've met the most depressive people to be around and they are no where near living a goth lifestyle. Ha!



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