Friday, 4 August 2017

Product review: Kat Von D foundation

I recently wrote about Kat Von D's lipstick (which is AMAZING by the way!) and now I am going to give you an update about her liquid foundation.

This was purchased by me at Sephora the same time I got my lipstick but I wanted to use up my old foundation first before opening a new one. I also wanted to wear my new foundation for a few days before I recommend it. I was happy with my first application and I am still happy with the results no, a week later.

I am happy that this foundation is slightly paler than my skin tone and I am a naturally pale person too, so this made me super happy! I got the palest one available. Less is definitely more. I don't need that much. You have to really make sure you rub it/dab it in because a little drop goes a long way (wow, that sounds kinda wrong doesn't it? Ha! Ha!) I had some acne earlier this week and it did a good job at covering my blemishes. This is my new go-to product!

Image taken off of Sephora's website.

Another reason why I wanted to wait to give a review because some foundations that claim to be 24hrs, don't. I am not a morning person. I have no time for primer bullshit!

The result:This foundation lasts all day! I had a very strong feeling this would be the case because when I tried the tester in Sephora, I had a hard time rubbing off the foundation with a tissue. I had to use the makeup remover the store provided. I knew this would give me a good inclination on how well it holds but I wanted to make sure. I wanted to test it using my "Sylvie-isms" as proof! I wanted several days of heat/humidity, of me resting my hands on my cheeks (now you know why I have acne) as well as having a kid and puppy kiss me on my cheeks all the time. With all that, the makeup still holds! Believe me, if it can stand through having my face licked by my dog, it can take everyday wear! When I do remove the makeup, I make sure I have a good remover and that my face is washed with a good cleanser afterwards. It seems to come off easy with a proper remover but holds well through everyday life. Even my life!

This product is worth the cost and I do plan on buying it again!

Early AM

A little over 12 hours later... not bad. I look tired (it's been a long day) but it still holding

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  1. Thanks for this review! I'm naturally pale but with a rosie glow that's hard to cover so I think I need to give this a try. :)



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