Friday, 1 September 2017

30 Cool Things

I thought this was fun when I did it over on my old blog that I thought I should regurgitate it over here! If you are a blogger yourself, I tag you to do the same if you like. I am always interesting in hearing about the people behind the blog!

1) I can speak, read and write in two languages fluently (English and French)

2) I dyed my hair many different colors, especially in my teens. At one point I had pink hair, blue hair, red, blonde, black etc.

3) I married my best friend

4) I have a gorgeous, happy and healthy son

5) My son and I both could have died during child birth but we obviously survived!

6) I am not afraid to speak my mind

7) Played bass guitar

8) Played piano

9) Grew my hair really long and cut it really short so I can donate it to locks of love

10) I am very involved in sustainability and protecting mother earth, which leads to...

11) I planted a tree when I was in Elementary school and the tree is still there! I even made it in the local newspaper!

12)My picture was also in the newspaper a second time when they opened a park up at my old elementary school

13) I was in the newspaper a third time in high school. This time, I made front page! I was chosen to paint abstract objects with a local artist. My artwork was then used to decorate the school cafeteria. How cool was that?

14) My poetry got published in a teen journal and book at the age of 17

15)  I cut ties with toxic people. I don't care whether I have known them since childhood, all my life or whether or not they were blood relatives. I have been much happier since.

16) I spoke publicly to my entire high school class graduating year. I was nominated valedictorian and I turned it down because I was bullied. I told everyone during a public assembly at school (we were being voted on our speeches, no less) that I had nothing positive to say about my classmates and while I was honored to be nominated by my teachers, this was something I did not want to do because I had nothing positive to say about my classmates. I pretty much told the entire graduating class to fuck off (without actually saying it) and in the end, a lot of people apologized to me. 

17) I was diagnosed with depression and hospitalized for a suicide attempt at 16. Despite the hurdles, I can maintain a happy healthy life, without meds and have been doing so for a little over 15 years now. In fact, I am an advocate towards mental health and while I do firmly believe that meds can work for some people, personally,  don't require them.

18) I talked someone out of suicide

19) I attended a political rally

20) Gave money to friends in need

21) Can cook a delicious Christmas supper (turkey and all the trimmings) for my husband and son

22)  I can remain calm and collected when faced with a state of emergency. In fact, during my last injury, I freaked people out because despite being in a lot of pain, I was making jokes/smart-ass remarks the whole time.I will be taking a CPR course in the next couple of weeks because I feel like my calm nature would be beneficial in times of crisis.

23)Been to England

25) Been to New York City

26) Pierced my own nose and ears as a teenager (not recommended)

27) Cried over fictional characters. Seriously, if you have not read the Dragonlance series, I highly recommend the first three books. If you have read these, you probably know what happened that made me cry! No spoilers in the comments, please!

28) Used to take ballet lessons

29) I can burp louder than most guys. Yes, I am proud of this.

30) I head bang to Bohemian Rhapsody in the car (when I am not driving, that is) just like in Wayne's World!


  1. It's great that you talked someone out of suicide! And I like that you told the kids how bad they were for bullying you.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing these. I love learning more about people, too! :)

  3. So many warming facts about you-- not just cool, but very noble. =)

  4. Love that you stood up for yourself in such a huge way!!! I've cried over fictional characters as well. I really enjoy it when a writer or actor can bring that out of me :)



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