Monday, 4 September 2017

DIY idea: welcome sign

*Taken from the old blog but meh...I had fun doing this so I thought I would put it here*

I wanted to put up a welcoming sign in my front hall but I am too cheap to buy something fancy! I went to my local dollar store and bought: a paint canvas (about $3.00), black acrylic paint (about $1.50) and a silver marker pen (about $1.50) That's right folks, the total project cost me under $10.00! I also bought extra brushes too.

Now, I simply painted the entire canvas black and then hung it to dry. I was surprised that the thing dried rather quickly, I was planning on doing the rest the next day but ended up doing it all in the same day! 

What I liked about this project was when I made a spelling error and I totally screwed up drawing my bat. I just re-painted it all over again with my acrylic paint. I suggest buying two silver pens, mine was running out fast. 

This is the finished product:

Can you guess where this quote is from? Just in case, it reads: "...Welcome to my house. Come freely. Go safely; and leave something of the happiness you bring"


  1. I have that same bat wall decal. Twinsie squee! Lol

    I love that welcome quote and could very much see it by my front door. Hmm... the ideas, they are a'floating! :)

  2. Of all the DIY skills, painting is the thing I am the worst at. This quote from Dracula makes the perfect greeting plaque <3

  3. An art project that was under $10?! That's crazy talk!



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