Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Alternative Blogger Of The Month: The Canadian Vampire Queen

Since I started showcasing fellow blogger's over here on my blog, I wanted to write about one of my favourite authors, Nancy Kilpatrick. She has her own blog and well, I admit, I am biased here since I do like her literary work and I have also been super fortunate to have met this lady in person. She is super cool, by the way! It comes as no surprise that I am so happy to see her blogging again so now I can write about her!

For those of you unaware, Nancy Kilpatrick wrote several novels and short stories. Most of us know her as the writer behind The Goth Bible. Her latest novel, which is book 2 of the Thrones Of Blood series, is called Sacrifice Of The Hybrid Princess.

Nancy began blogging in January of this year. Her first post was sort of an introductory one and she was promoting Revenge Of The Vampir King, which is the first Thrones Of Blood book.

Her latest post, is a final installment of her travel tips. Nancy loves to travel and often writes about her adventures on Facebook. Should I ever have the means to travel abroad one day,I am sure her tips would come in handy!

Please show this awesome lady some love and check out her blog. Nancy is an amazing writer and I thoroughly enjoy reading her posts.


  1. Hooboy... Do I want to know what nitpicky reviewers said about the Goth Bible? I can't even imagine. She is a brave soul

  2. Anybody who's the CANADIAN vampire queen gets props from me!

  3. I absolutely LOVED "The Goth Bible." I had such a good time reading it and now I"m forcing my boyfriend to read it as well. Very good read.

  4. I enjoyed The Goth bible! I didn’t realise she had a blog!



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