Friday, 20 October 2017

It came from The Mall

Well...I have a confession to make...I am a mall Goth because I bought this shirt at The Mall! Ahhhh!!!!

A lot of 60-70's fashion seem to hit the mainstream this year. This means that bell-sleeves are in! I had a top very similar to this one back in the nineties when I was a kid. I wore it until it became a rag so when I saw this one in the store, I snatched it up. There were many different colours available to choose from but naturally, I chose black! I love that it was on sale too! If I remember correctly, I paid a whole whopping $10 for it!

I know many of us often scoff when items that we like to wear are offered in the mainstream. I used to scoff at that idea too but when you are on a budget, it is nice to have some items fill your closet. Now that this top is "in"  there is a good chance one would be able to get away with wearing it in an office! I think in situations like these, it is best to take advantage since it will go out of fashion soon (you can most probably find it in a thrift in a couple of months) and the normies will move on but you, my friend, will have the clothes when no one else is wearing it and your mall Goth secret will be safe!

Goth shirt, bell sleaves, strega

There's no Hot Topic where I am from, life is so hard!!!! Woe is me!!!


  1. Being frugal is nothing to scoff at, hehe.
    I buy cheapy halloween shirts all the time when in season, and halloween leggings from walmart =D
    If I found a top like that at a steal of a price, to heck with opinions. It's cute, and you look cute in it ;)

  2. No Hot Topic? I feel really, really bad for you. I'm here if you need to talk. *hugs tight*

  3. You look great! Always make the most of it when nice things are cheap!

  4. That last photo is everything :D
    I buy a lot of my stuff from "normal" places such as the mall; like you said, it's a good opportunity to take advantage of trends that also work with your own goth wardrobe.

  5. Well, you've educated me today -- I didn't know those were called bell sleeves! Makes sense!

  6. My favorite bell sleeve top is from forever 21! I like mainstream stores more cause if this top was at a goth store, you know they'd put stupid embellishments on it and charge double...

  7. You know, when Goth emerged, there were no goth brands and people bought mainstream stuff all the time.

  8. To be honest, when I was a Teenygreeny (local dialect for baby bat). Most my clothes came from mainstream high street or mall. I had very little money but Primark did cheap wonderful goodies like velvet mesh tops for £6. I have no problem with alts or goths getting their clothes from mainstream. In fact I still have a number items that still fit from my formative years. In recent years, I've turned away from purchasing alt brands as alot of it is mass produced in china The quality is dier with these companies expecting us to pay extortionate prices.

  9. Lookin' great! I don't care what label an item of clothing has, if I like it I like it.
    I love to find one of a kind pieces too but around here, in the middle of the Swedish nowhere, I have to rely on internet or mainstream shops. It has turned me into a "work with what you got" kind of person :-)

  10. I love these sleeves. I feel like it adds a bit of spookyness to an outfit :P. Which is totally what I go for.

    No matter where it came from, it's still a good piece to add to a wardrobe!

  11. Hey, there is nothing wrong with finding stuff at the mall! If a piece of clothing is awesome, then get it! It doesn't matter where it came from! I love the necklace as well!



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