Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Monthly Music Spotlight: The Vampire Beach Babes

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My husband introduced me to this band! I think it was even before we started dating and we were just friends. He came over to my house and brought over a compilation CD for us to listen to. The song "Gothic Surf-A-Rama" came on at the end of the CD and I was hooked! After doing some research on this band, I discovered they are fellow Canadians from Toronto, Ontario. Hey, this is something to be proud of! Aside from Skinny Puppy and Rhea's Obsession there are not many bands from Canada that I enjoy.

On behalf of Canada, I sincerely apologize for unleashing Celine Dion and Justin Bieber to the world! I hang my head in shame! For shame, I tell you, for shame!  It is nice that I can say there is some music I enjoy that are Canadian and that I don't want to hurl whenever I listen to them. Since Dion and Arcade Fire are local, I am constantly hearing their shit everywhere I go. I don't mind Arcade Fire so much but if I hear another rendition of "My Heart Will Go On", I am going to go postal!

 If you are into the Gothabilly/surf style type of music, this would probably be a go-to band to listen to. I like to tell people that this is the Beach Boys gone goth. Enjoy!


  1. Interesting review! Probably not my thing but it’s interesting to hear about!

  2. "Beach Boys gone goth" LOL! You've expanded my horizons today. And hey, I just saw Arcade Fire on the Ellen show yesterday.

  3. Sound like an interesting band. I like a bit of rockabilly

  4. I love surf goth...I haven't heard of these guys. Lol lots of surfing in Canada?

  5. BTW if you like surf goth, I recommend La Luz (weirdo shrine), bleached (ride your heart), LA Witch (LA Witch)... Those are my favs...oh and anything by the growlers

  6. Yay canadian music!

    To be fair, Celine has a great voice even if her songs are not the best. But there are no excuses for Bieber loll.



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