Monday, 16 October 2017

Shadows of the Imp

Thanks to my weight loss, my self confidence has increased. Not only did I get an excuse to buy some new outfits, I also am learning new ways to wear old items.Very recently, I gained the self confidence to wear a t-shirt as a long dress (usually with Leggings or tight pants) and was quite pleased.

The pic below was my source for inspiration, in fact, I used to always envy the alternative models for being able to pull off this look because I personally felt like this didn't suit me in the past:
This is where I got the image

I felt more confident pulling this off recently when I tried on my Depeche Mode t-shirt I got at the concert. There are times, I love "short girl problems!" and this is one of those times! The shirt fits me well and covers enough where my backside isn't too exposed!

Taken before the black hair!!! Overly priced concert t-shirt for the win! Go me!!!

I am wearing a Headless Horseman t-shirt that I am happy I get to keep because my son picked it out for me! The shirt is a size too big and I am glad I found a nice way to wear it!

Goth, alt model
Yes, my hair is wet in these photos, haha!!!


  1. Gorgeous! I see you’re doing the Lift dance move from Dirty Dancing with Storm!I tried to do it with my dog but she’s too big and found it uncomfortable M

  2. It looks much better on you than on the inspiration photo because the model is too tall to pull off the shirt-as-a-dress look. What a good time to be short :)

  3. That Depeche Mode concert was amazing. Seeing Gahan run around on stage and dance with the microphone was something I won't forget any time soon.

    It's awesome that you get enough confidence to wear the things that you like :).



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