Monday, 27 November 2017

Outfit post: parent meeting

Once a week, I go to this parent meeting. It is like a support group for parents. All our kids have special needs in some shape or form.I actually really like this group because all of us have similar stories/hardships when it comes to parenting a child with special needs. Being a Goth mom and having a kid with special needs has it own set of challenges for me as well. Like always, I do not wish to go into specifics about my kid for his sake but I do want to reach out to any parents who are in my shoes: don't give up.Please remember, it is nothing you did or didn't do as a parent. You are your child's best advocate and don't be shy to speak up or ask for help!

Going to this parenting group is nice because I don't feel like an outcast, everything is kept confidential but we all share experiences and learn tricks on what we can do as parents to help our kids. It's working too!

I don't necessarily want to go to these meetings in full club wear but I don't necessarily want to tone down either. I apologize for the quality of these photos:

...and yes, it was filled to the top with coffee. I had a migraine that day and needed it to get through the meeting. I am always super mom when I am well caffeinated!



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