Monday, 20 November 2017

Talk of a Crow remake

It never fails, just when you think they have given up, you hear more mumblings of The Crow remake. Are they really going to do it this time or will it fall through the cracks again?

I know a lot of people feel that Brandon Lee cannot be replaced. To a certain degree, I can understand the sentiment and to a certain extent, I can agree but I can also see the other side of the fence too.While I am personally not a fan of remakes, in this particular case, I would like to see the actual movie before I comment on it. This is one remake that I am interested in seeing because like many others, I do have a personal, emotional attachment to this movie. It was one of the many gateways into Goth for me. This movie came out when I was a teenager! I know Hollywood should leave original movies alone and actually come up with new content but I do think it would be nice to see this remake for nostalgia sake.

Image source: IMBD

Apparently the actor, Jason Momoa was chosen for the role as Eric Draven. If my memory serves me well,as I am glancing at the location of my graphic novel as I write this, Eric Draven was pretty built in the comics and did not have Brandon Lee's slender frame at all.

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Like many others, I have seen Jason Momoa as Khal Drogo in Game Of Thrones, I really do think he would be good for the role. Now there is talk that Nick Cave will be writing the script (apparently this was in the works since 2010 but I only found out recently) and to add another positive point to the remake, the creator, James O'Barr signed on as creative consultant.

 All in all, in my opinion, nothing can beat the first movie but by keeping all these facts in mind, I am excited to see the remake and lets be honest here, I am also looking forward to seeing Jason Momoa on screen playing his guitar without a shirt on! I also really hope that there would be a post punk soundtrack to accompany the movie as well but we shall see.


  1. Considering that the creator of the comic is on board as the creative consultant, the remake might come out okay. Not giving my hopes up though.

  2. Jason Momoa is starring as Aquaman right now in the "Justice League" movie too. Hubba hubba.

  3. I'm excited for this as well. Nick Cave is a talented writer, have you read either of his books? Sounds like they have people on board who will respect the memory of Brandon Lee and are creative enough to make the remake worth doing.
    I think Jason will be great for this part; I've enjoyed his work in other projects and I think a lot of people pigeonhole him as far as his talent is concerned. And yes, he is verrrry attractive <3

  4. I’m trying not to get excited but with James O’Barr, Nick Cave and Jason Momoa, I do have my hopes! And we get so few truly Goth films these days!

  5. nooooooooooooo. please no remakes. The Proposition was up his alley because it was an Australian Western and super violent, but I don't think that will translate well to a superhero/comic movie. It seems like it should be a good fit but I don't think he can pull off something commercial like this...



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