Monday, 11 December 2017

Fun Alcoholic drinks to enjoy this Holiday season

With the Holidays fast approaching  and having an Irish husband, I got inspired to write about alcohol. What kind of drinks do us gothic people enjoy? Well, I compiled a list! If I may have forgotten anything, please comment!

(1) Absinthe (AKA The Green Fairy) - Obviously, I have to start with this one as it is my favourite! Being extremely high in alcohol content and the colour green, this is my drink of choice! Drinking absinthe is not simple. You cannot just simply unscrew the bottle and pour the booze in a glass (or if you are a classy gal like me, drink straight from the bottle.) How do you drink absinthe? Well, you would need to first pour a very small amount into a glass. Afterwards, you will need a special spoon that is perforated to be placed over the glass. Take a sugar cube and then place it on the spoon. Pour water over it.  The water dissolves the sugar into the glass. This not only dilutes the drink but makes it sweeter. With the high alcohol content, you need to dilute this in order to be able to drink it easily.  It smells and tastes like licorice!

(2) Chartreuse - I was first introduced to this drink when I was a babybat in my late teens  from reading Poppy Z Brite's novel, Lost Souls. Apparently, this drink comes in two colors; green and yellow. I never personally tried the yellow kind but the green was excellent. It has a strong, spicy flavor, similar to Absinthe. The drink has been been around since 1737 made by the Carthusian monks.

(3) Mead -  It is made from fermented honey and water. Sometimes fruit or hopps are added and according to Wikipedia, it is known as the "ancestor of all fermented drinks." Here in Montreal, we can find mead at the local SAAQ (liquor store) as well as at the Jean-Talon Market. Sometimes, if I am lucky, I can find a fruit-flavored mead

(4) Bloody Mary - A couple of my friends will order this drink while we are out. I guess they order it due to the title and because it most probably resembles blood. Personally, this is not my drink of choice as one of it's main ingredients is tomato juice (yuck!).

(5) Sangria - One of my personal favourites. This cocktail reminds me of summertime, where one could find me in my backyard or on a terrace somewhere sharing a pitcher of this drink. In fact, this is definitely my go-to beverage during the summer months. According to Wikipedia, Sangria is from Ireland, Spain, and Portugal. It normally consists of red wine, chopped fruit, and brandy. I chose this beverage to add to my list because of the name. In french, the word "sang" means blood and well the drink is a dark red colour. I was not too far off the mark there because according to Wikipedia, the drink was named after the Spanish and Portuguese word for bleeding!

This is it. I am pretty sure there maybe beers out there that could be considered a Gothic drink but I am not a beer fan, personally. I know many people who like Apotic Rose Wine but I have not personally tried it. I know the bottles look pretty.What are your favourite drinks?


  1. I've never had Chartreuse. But I'm with you about Bloody Mary's -- yuck! Hate tomato juice! I enjoy mead wine and meadjitos -- in fact, I'll be drinking a meadjito on Christmas Eve this year -- screw eggnog 'n rum, I'm switching! I had absinthe for the first time in October and enjoyed it and the whole serving ritual. And once, many many years ago in Winnipeg when I was young and foolish, I got totally shitfaced on the best Sangria I've ever had before or since.

    Gosh, I sound like a total lush, don't I? LOL

  2. Cherry lambic is my go-to goth beer lol. I also can't drink wine so it's the closest I get to wine.



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