Monday, 8 January 2018

Goals for 2018

Last year, in my old blog, I made a list of goals. I shall do it again this year!


To continue to take care of my mental health - Last year was not good. This year, I plan on not losing my shit.

Continue with my weight loss - I lost pretty much all the weight I wanted but I have another 10 or 20 vanity pounds I wouldn't mind losing.

Move. I need a place with cheaper rent. I am also fed up with this place.

Keep writing.Get published.

Every year, sustainability has always been a goal for me. I recycle as much as humanely possible. I even have a recycling bin in my washroom! Now that I am no longer working, I do plan on keeping my car but will only use it when I go grocery shopping. If I need a few small items, there are stores in walking distance. I also live near a pharmacy and I don't mind the walk to get there. I also plan on using my car for emergencies and to visit my mom at the other end of the city once a week. If I can reduce to taking my car out at least 5 times in a month, I will be happy!

My baby and I taking the metro! We rarely used my car while he was off at school during winter break!

Last year, I planned on buying more clothes and I did. Expect more outfit posts. Oh and even with my limited income, I do plan on buying more shit. In fact, now that I don't have a job, I have not really been toning down. In fact, my look has been all over the place. I can wear pajamas all day to dressing up. Even at my weekly parenting group meetings, I am toning down less and less. Screw that shit!

Invest in a better camera/video recorder - I want better photos and better quality videos. Since we only have one income, I am unsure if I will be able to do this. We shall see.

I think it is healthy to set goals, especially now that I am no longer working, it gives me a sense of purpose and I look forward to tackling these. Do you have any personal goals for 2018?


  1. Some interesting goals. Good luck.

  2. I have some goals about organizing stuff in my apartment. I'm going to start tomorrow. No, REALLY!

  3. I don't like making goals for the new year. Cause when I do, I fail to reach them. As for you wanting to get a better camera, have you thought about creating a patreon or a kickstarter?

  4. haha the best weight loss program I ever had was ditching my car. Good for you for walking more. That's something I need to do more myself. The only goal I have is to follow through on a promise I made to a few friends to visit them in California

    1. Ooh I wish to go there myself, just to get out of the cold and snow

  5. The freedom of not having to tone it down must be so nice :D
    Looking forward to more outfit posts!

  6. Good goals! I hope this year is better, too!



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