Friday, 26 January 2018

How being an alternative fashion blogger has helped me

When I re branded to this blog over here, I was going through many personal changes. My old blog, while originally centered around being a corp goth at that time, also became a little too Mommy blogger for my liking. I was also in the process of losing weight and my personal life started to go downhill. I was having panic attacks, my son was having problems in school, I felt like it was a good time to start fresh here and I think it was excellent timing!

Not long after starting this blog, I ended up quitting my job and now that I am a stay at home mom, I still vow that I won't be posting about my family life so much. It is not because I am not proud of my family, I am very proud but my little one is getting older. He doesn't want me to write about him. I don't blame him. In fact, I don't really want to write about him either. He is no longer a baby. I do not have any advice related to the upbringing of a small child. In fact, I don't want to revisit my son's babyhood despite all the wonderful, fond memories I have. I like to think of the cute things he did, not the boring everyday stuff (breast/bottle feeding, toilet training, etc)  I am done with having babies and while I do love seeing photos or playing with other people's kids, I am happy to see them go home at the end of the day!To be honest, there's plenty enough information out there on the topic of child rearing, in fact, sometimes you can even get advice from people without even asking for it!.

As a result to all these personal changes, I noticed a hell of a lot more fashion related posts on my blog. I love doing those but I also do want to do more Goth lifestyle posts too and I have some ideas for future topics. Today, I thought I would address a fun topic that I have been meaning to write in a long time, the benefits I got from blogging:

🦇First of all, I made friends. Hell, when I was in the middle of my anxiety/panic attacks, a reader sent me a very generous care package. It was so nice getting something special all the way from Latvia. In fact, it made me think:"Holy shit people are still reading my blog from all the way over there. How cool!"

🦇I got inspired to "up" my look a little and even experiment with it. Now that I do not have wardrobe restraints from a job, I am constantly reminding myself that I don't need to tone it down anymore! It's funny how we condition our minds, eh? I see some other bloggers or Youtubers or alternative models and I get inspired by them!

🦇By constantly taking photos of my outfits, I was hit hard with the realisation that I was allowing my health to go out the window. I did not like the way I looked.  At that time, I knew my anxiety was one of the reasons for the weight gain (stress eating, no exercise) and I did something to change that.It is so easy to put on a lot of weight and not realise it until you see yourself in photographs.
Below are before and after pics of me wearing the same outfit:

🦇I do realise that the net has become very saturated with OOTDs and beauty advice. There is so much more to being Goth than merely aesthetics. This is why I share music and try to showcase other blogs on here. Just check out my Blogger Of The Month and Music Spotlight tab! I will continue with the outfits and stuff but I do plan on reviewing some literature ( I still have to review a book I was sent) and I will do videos on various topics. This enables me to continue my quest to find some new bands to listen to as well as to help promote fellow musicians and/or artists within the community. It also encourages me to invoke discussions among other goths on various topics. In other words, it enabled me to enjoy my youth a little bit. I remember my baby bat days and the fun I had discovering new bands, helping others discover new music, and meeting new friends with similar dark interests! In other words, I can be a kid again!

🦇Now that I have been making videos, I am learning a lot about the process behind it. I am still an amateur but I am having so much fun with it! I love learning new things!

With all this, I have grown into the Goth Princess I once aspired to be when I was 11years old. I knew back then that when I grew up, I wanted to look just like the Goth girl I seen (much to my family's displeasure) while I was vacationing in  London.  Being part of the online world within the Goth community has inspired me to constantly look inwards and keep striving to find new music or even take part of discussions that are circulating around online!  I don't know if this would have happened on it's own, it could have but I like to think that it is thanks to all my readers (and now Youtube viewers). I am ever so grateful to those who took time out of their day to read my content or watch a very badly yet enthusiastically recorded video I made! Thank you! You guys are awesome!


  1. Blogging is a fun way to express oneself, I agree! Anything that's an outlet for our creativity is a good thing.

  2. I think I might have been one of your first readers and it's been heartwarming to see you return to the scene and become the Goth Princess you aspired to be :)



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