Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Outfit post: staying warm

This was one of my purchases I made through a website called Rosegal. I ordered this sweater dress along with a pretty but not very warm coat. I can't wait for milder weather so I can wear it again. Sigh! Stupid Canadian winters!

I ordered this in my size (medium) but I find it a little tight in the bust area. In this situation, I try not to lace it up too tight ! With this top, you can lace up the top in the front and the back (which is hard to tell in these photos, I apologise for that).  The front of the dress is shorter than the back, another feature which is hard to tell by looking at these photos but it does look very pretty in person!

I really like the quality considering the items off this site are inexpensive. I will not put this in the dryer but I do tend to wash articles like these in the delicate cycle and hang dry afterwards.

This top is perfect for the winter! It is nice and warm. It is also very soft.I regret not taking any photos with the hood up in the back but I got a picture of the back. The hood is nice and large too!

You will find below a pic and link from the website:


  1. Very nice -- I like the hoodie feature!

  2. i love the hood! And the skirt part looks fun to spin around in lol.

  3. Very cute! Considering the quality of some stuff I've got you really lucked out!



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