Monday, 12 February 2018

New piercings

As an early birthday gift, I got my nose and labret re-pierced. I had to take my nose ring out over a decade ago for a job (I hate that) and my labret had to be removed due to dental surgery. Stupid wisdom tooth!

It's nice to have my piercings back!


  1. Nice! And you've taught me a new word today -- labret.

  2. Looks awesome! For some reason I thought you always had a nostril piercing lol. Happy healing

  3. That little dot on your nose, they made you take it out? That's ridiculous. Glad that you can wear whatever you like now.

  4. Lookin' good! It sucks when you have to remove facial piercings for work. Unless it's for sanitary or safety reasons I think it's just dumb.

    Now you got me inspired to get a new piercing, I just can't decide where. My snake bites (off centre labret) are turning 12 this year, time flies.



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