Wednesday, 7 February 2018

The quest for the missing items

I had my weekly therapy session today but I missed it. I really did mean to go and I am sure my therapist will either think that (a) I am bullshitting and/or (b) I should be committed after I call him tomorrow to explain why I did not show up for his appointment.

It all started this morning when I almost had a full blown panic attack and still decided it was a bright idea to leave my house in a raging snowstorm.I should have stayed home but then again, this makes for an interesting story! No, I did not get into a car accident although the roads were terrible. I simply left early to run some errands before my therapist appointment. My goal was to get a few groceries, a new bus pass, and pick up a package from the post office which were all in the general area to where my therapist is located. I wanted to be productive despite the shitty start to my day.

I get to the parking lot where the grocery store and post office is located and decided to get the bus pass first. I simply had to leave the parking lot on foot then cross the road to go to the metro (subway station) for my bus pass. The types of cards/bus passes we have here are refillable and you can purchase all sorts of tickets that cater to how you use public transportation. I usually purchase a bunch of tickets that enable me to use the metro and bus. Unbeknownst to me, if the previous clerk would have informed me when I originally got my card that they also can be registered under my name, I would have done so. This would have saved me from having to repurchase those lost tickets that were on my lost card. I try to take public transit as much as humanely possible because I believe in exercise and reducing my carbon footprint but on a day like today, I wanted the comfort of my warm car and door to door service! Perhaps the sustainability gods disapproved of my decision because what happened next was a complete and utter shit storm!

I walk back in the parking lot to where my car was located. I walked right pass my car. My husband called me while on his lunch break to see how I was. I even complained to him that my car was already full of snow in the brief 5 minutes it took me to get a new bus pass! I saw it there!

I got my groceries and package, then walked back towards my car. Where is my fucking car? My level of anxiety was already high from this morning. This did not help it. These very kind Samaritans stopped me after realizing that I was roaming the parking lot.You see, turns out, my car got towed because I left the parking lot on foot to go somewhere else. I am not allowed to do that. These good Samaritans had the exact same thing happen to them!

Yes, there were signs that if you should leave your vehicle in this particular parking lot and should you decide to leave the parking lot on foot to go anywhere else but the strip mall that the parking lot was designed for, your car will be towed. These signs are not very clear and obviously, the font size a little small, which is next to impossible to read in a snowstorm. I naively thought that since I was only leaving the parking lot for 5 minutes, I would be safe. In fact, I have done this before and for the record, if there were parking available at the metro station, I would have gladly parked there!

I managed to get the phone number that was on the warning signs in the parking lot (conveniently written in big bold letters) and spoke with a very rude, snooty woman that confirmed my car was towed. According to the pole up the ass customer service lady, the rules were clear: No one is to leave that parking lot on foot to go somewhere else! The good Samaritan told me to walk around the side streets and see if I can find my car before paying the hefty fee because they sometimes tow it close by. I was out walking in the cold for over an hour. In the process, I learned that my Doc Martens needed waterproofing and I have a really warm hat! I decided to stop off for coffee and called the towing company to pay the $125 fee. I got the address where my car was parked. It was a good 20 minute walk away (probably more because the sidewalks were not clear from the snow) and much further away than I anticipated. The bastards are smart, they know people would be searching the side streets where the strip mall is located so they park the cars out of reach! By then, I had to get home in order to be on time for my kid's school bus. As a result, my husband promised to drive me to get my car when he gets home from work.

I decided to take public transit home. I took the metro for one stop and took the bus home. Normally, my house is a good 30 minute walk from the grocery store and a 5 minute walk from the metro station but by then, I was cold and just frustrated. I wanted to get home!

I really thought I put my phone in my backpack's side pocket (boy was I grateful that I brought my backpack, imagine lugging all that shit around in grocery bags?) but it must have fallen out on the bus. Yes, I fucking lost my phone! I should have known better because this is also how I lost my bus pass!!!

I put a halt on my phone's sim card. I have no landline but managed to chat with my provider via their website. Little to my knowledge, my husband managed to call my phone and someone picked up He got the address and promised to drop me off to go get it. I was a little too quick to stop service on my phone!

I also reactivated my SIM card on my old device. I forgot that the LCD screen on it broke and was unable to use it. I should have waited but I panicked.

I eventually got my car and phone back. I called my provider from my husband's phone but since I activated a different sim card earlier today, I need to wait until the system updates tonight in order for the original one to work again. I am not confident this is the case but I am tired and just don't give a shit anymore. I will go tomorrow to The Mall to my provider's kiosk if necessary.

Due to traffic from the snowstorm,we decided to take my kid to Mcdonald's. He was such a trooper in all of this. He deserved a special supper although I am not a fan of the place. Once I retrieved my car, I went to the wrong Mcdonald's to meet up with my family. Thanks to the free wifi they have, I managed to leave a Facebook message in order to find out where the fuck my husband and kid were! There I was, stuck in traffic again! I was grateful to have coffee waiting for me when I got there!

The only turning point of my day were these cool new boots that came in.
This is where I got the image and where you can purchase too!

Don't they look pretty? Nothing beats a good stompy, platform boot! This little Goth princess is happy and I can't wait to wear them when the sidewalks are less slippery and the weather is much nicer, otherwise, knowing my luck, I would slip and break my neck or something!


  1. Fascinating to read about just every day life and running errands in a strange place and big city for me. Well, I surely hope u have better days usually. I think that Helsinki is probably the only place in Finland where it would be possible to experience such things.

  2. A very rough and hellish day, congrats for making it through!

  3. Holy moly, what a day! I had my car towed once, many years ago in Winnipeg, and yes, what a sinking feeling when you look and look and cannot find your car. It cost me a fortune to spring it from the impound lot, which was located miles away on the outskirts of the city. I hope the rest of your week is much, much better!

  4. That's one awful day, I'm impressed with how you dealt with it and hope that the platforms made it feel better at the end (they look awesome!). Take care of yourself!

  5. One of these days when nothing seems to go right. I honestly thought you wouldn't be able to end it on a high note. Congrats!



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