Monday, 19 March 2018

Outfit post: Doctor Who concert

The much anticipated Doctor Who concert was this Saturday. This time, the orchestra was featuring music from the Matt Smith era and I had to bring my baby bat with me. Like most children, his favourite doctor is Matt Smith.

Unlike the last concert 2 years ago where I geeked out in a Hello Kitty/Riversong cross over t-shirt (come to think about, the shirt would have been appropriate for Saturday) but I gothed out this time instead. This is what happens when you listen to Christian Death while getting ready!

Here is a fun contrast of what I looked like 2 years ago and on Saturday:

The concert itself was wonderful and fun. Like the last time I attended, a live orchestra and choir preformed songs from the TV show while clips were being played in sync on the screen above us. Philip was tired and a bit cranky but this is normal. He was up well past his bedtime and the boy needs his routine but after the second intermission, he got into the concert. Being a mom can be fun because I get to re-live a sense of childhood wonder myself by simply watching my kid's expressions. I got to see fear whenever the weeping angels or The Silence would appear on the screen. I  got to see him sad during the tender moments and see a look of utter awe whenever the Daleks would appear. I smiled with pride when I heard him utter "Hello Sweetie" when a scene with Riversong came on.

One moment that stood out for me was when they played the Long Song from the Rings Of Akhaten episode. This is a song that I share with my baby bat. Having purchased tickets very early on, I had ample time to show Philip footage of the Proms for him to get an idea what he would be experiencing. The only difference between the Proms and this concert was we didn't have Cybermen or  villans walk through the aisles! One song that Philip enjoyed was "The Long Song" and he would sing along whenever we played it. I am quite impressed that the kid can carry a note, a talent that he definitely did not inherit from this family! When I was sick, he asked me to play this song so he could sing it to me. This is our thing. So when this song came on as an encore, not only did I get to record live footage (see my facebook page) I held his hand and watched his expressions. The look of complete happiness and awe inspired me. I heard him sing a long with the choir and I started to tear up. Being a parent can be the biggest pain in the ass of my life. It is also the most difficult job I ever had to do but it is the little moments like these that make it worth while.


  1. Sounds like you got to have a pretty awesome time with your son! Nice outfit!

  2. Looking awesome! I haven't watched the show since David Tennant (though I'm a fan of Peter Capaldi in Thick of can't picture him as a Doctor!)



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