Friday, 23 March 2018

Outfit post: Job interview

As most of you know, last fall, I was on medical leave due to anxiety. I ended up quitting my job in order to better take care of my son. Things have been getting better and I strongly feel like my son and I are ready for me to re-enter the workforce.  As a result, I had a job interview earlier this week! I still did not get an answer and I most probably didn't get the job but I am sure there will be more interviews to come!

I am no longer in my early twenties with little to no job experience. Sure, there's always room for growth and I have been applying for a little more senior level positions, I firmly stand my ground: I will no longer remove my facial piercings for a job. I did exactly this in the past because it was good work experience for me. I am no longer in my early twenties and I now have a lot of experience under my belt. I can finally have some room to negotiate! On the other hand, I do plan on somewhat toning down my look but I will never normalize myself again.


  1. Good luck in the job search! I hope you find something that you truly like.

  2. You look amazing! I'd absolutely hire you!

  3. You look amazing as usual!! I'm positive you'll find a job yoqu like very soon!!! Love ya!!

  4. 'm kinda bummed your stay-at-home phase was so short but you look great, have the right attitude and I hope you find an employer who deserves and appreciates you.



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