Friday, 16 March 2018

Outfit post: Using slang, yo!

 I apologize for my lack of blogging. Life got in the way and I have been sick.

The inspiration for this post is slang because personally, I am not fond of it and after my son, Philip watched a certain TV show, he started using the words "yo" and "bruh." I immediately stopped letting him watch the show. I never baby talked to him and I know he is a smart kid. Using words like that is an insult to his intelligence! I don't mind him using slang occasionally but every second word was "yo" and "bruh"just like this particular cartoon character and to be perfectly honest, it made him sound like an idiot!

This outfit has nothing to do with the character from the TV show, the inspiration for the post title is from my expression in the photo (as seen below): Philip uttered the word "bruh" and I proceeded to give him shit! I thought my expression was hilarious!


  1. Oh God, was it Teen Titans Go? That show is filled with cringe. Also, nice outfit. Really digging the top.

    1. Teen Titans Go is trash. You need to acquaint your son with the original Teen Titans show. So much better.



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