Alternative Blogger Of The Month

This section is dedicated to Bloggers I will be featuring every last Wednesday of the month. The goal is to introduce you to some awesome, cool, alternative/Goth bloggers. Below, you will find a list of links to these blogs. You can also use the "Alternative Blogger Of The Month" label. You will be able find this at the bottom of this blog.

If you want to add someone or yourself, please contact me. You can:
 message me via my Facebook page or use the contact form on the sidebar (it works!)

Here is a list of the bloggers I have featured so far:

Aji Lastrange from Café Lastrange - August 2017

Sarrah Settarra from Giggles In The Darkness - September  2017

Nancy Kilpatrick's blog - October 2017

App'y from App'y Talk - November 2017

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